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Welcome to the healthcare professional customer section of our website. This portal is designed to assist our customers with pharmacy operation and billing questions. Rx Partners, Inc appreciates and values your feedback regarding this website. Please send us your feedback so we can assist you better.


  1. What drug delivery system is used?
    Rx Partners, Inc. provides multiple packaging systems to enhance operational efficiencies at the facility and decrease medication errors. Our systems are engineered to save our customers time and money. Medication carts are also supplied.
  2. What medications are provided?
    Rx Partners, Inc. supplies over-the-counter, prescription and intravenous (IV) medications as well as wound care products. Specialty IV products (i.e. chemotherapy) and TPN therapy are available through Chartwell.
  3. Does Rx Partners, Inc. provide any additional services?
    Rx Partners, Inc. provides clinical pharmacy services and operation pharmacy management to optimize outcomes for your business.
  4. How do I reach a pharmacist after normal business hours?
    Our pharmacists are available 24hours/7days/365year via pager for emergency medication. Medication is sent by Rx Partners or from one of our designated back-up pharmacies.
  5. Who do I call for an IV start?
    Contact CIAS – (877) 212-1451, or visit www.ciasinc.com
  6. Are all Medicare residents required to enroll in a drug benefit plan?
    For residents who are not dual eligibles, the Medicare Part D drug benefit is optional. However, beneficiaries who do not enroll in Part D during the initial enrollment period and later decide to enroll will pay a 1% penalty for each month that an eligible person delays enrollment unless they have comparable coverage from another source (usually private or group health plans). The enrollment period begins in November and runs through May for current Medicare beneficiaries. Dual eligible residents will be randomly assigned to a plan in their region.
  7. Where can I find FDA medication guides?
    The following web link will help with FDA medication guides.
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