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Welcome to the resident and family customer section of our website. To provide you with easy access to our billing and insurance department Rx Partners, Inc. contact information is listed below:

Phone: 1-888-746-1263
Fax: 412-257-1266
E-mail: rxbilling@upmc.edu

Rx Partners, Inc. has expertise in Medicare Part D prescription plans and other insurance programs. Contact us today for any pharmacy billing and/or insurance questions.


  1. What medications are provided?
    Rx Partners, Inc. supplies over-the-counter, prescription and intravenous (IV) medications as well as wound care products. Specialty IV products (i.e. chemotherapy) and TPN therapy are available through Chartwell.
  2. Does Rx Partners, Inc. provide any additional services?
    Rx Partners, Inc. provides clinical pharmacy services and operation pharmacy management to optimize outcomes for your business.
  3. How do I reach a pharmacist after normal business hours?
    Our pharmacists are available 24hours/7days/365year via pager for emergency medication. Medication is sent by Rx Partners or from one of our designated back-up pharmacies.
  4. Are you located at the facility?
    Our pharmacies are located in Altoona, Bridgeville, and Seneca, PA. Each pharmacy offers FREE scheduled deliveries of medications to the facilities.
  5. What insurance plans do you accept?
    Rx Partners accepts all major plans with the exception of mail order plans and privately contracted insurance with other retail pharmacies.
  6. How is my co-pay determined?
    Your insurance company sets all co-pays and or deductibles, and these are billed to you. Your co-pays are the same regardless of where you obtain your medications.
  7. How can I tell if you are billing my insurance plan?
    If the letter "C" appears before the amount due, this indicates that your insurance was billed and the amount is the co-pay due from the insurance.
  8. How does Medicare Part D coverage differ among pharmacies?
    Your co-pays are the same regardless of the Medicare Part D participating pharmacy you choose.
  9. How do your over-the-counter medication prices compare to other local pharmacies?
    Most of our over-the-counter prices are well below the area retail pharmacies.
  10. What part of my statement do I enclose with my payment?
    Please enclose the top right corner with the customer number in the self-addressed envelope provided for your convenience.
  11. What types of payments do you accept?
    Rx Partners, Inc. accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), check, and/or money orders.
  12. How often will I receive a bill?
    Our bills are sent monthly with a self-addressed envelope for your convenience.
  13. Will I be able to obtain a prescription history of payment for major medical and/or tax purposes?
    Yes. A prescription history report can be obtained at any time by contacting one of our billing representatives.
  14. What are your billing office hours?
    An experienced billing representative is available Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm, at 1-888-746-1263, option #2, to assist with all of your billing needs.
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